FI-STAR organises a webinar about BBT (black-box testing) of enabler

The webinar will be held on 6th March 2015, from 9:00- 11:30 CET
The webinar will include following topics:

  1. General overview of environment and principles for BBT of FI STAR enablers
  2. Actual test execution:
    1. NGSI9/10 interfaces
    2. Monitoring service enabler
    3. Security and privacy enabler
  3. Q&A

Although the webinar is focusing on FI-STAR relevant enablers, it should be useful to all interested in BBT of generic enablers.
For participation and registration please send an e-mail to Andrus Lehtmets andrus.lehtmets(at)elvior(dot)ee  
For general information about FI-STAR please send an e-mail to contact(at)fi-star(dot)eu
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