I-ESA’14 - Interoperabilty for enterprise systems and applications

Call for Workshop Papers 24-28 March 2014, Alby, France

I-ESA brings together the world’s leading researchers and practitioners in the area of Enterprise Interoperability for the development of new Enterprise solutions based on the Internet of the Future. Initiated in 2005 by two major European research projects of the FP6 of the European Commission, the ATHENA IP (Advanced Technologies for Interoperability of Heterogeneous Enterprise Networks and their Applications, Integrated Project) and the INTEROP NoE (Interoperability Research for Networked Enterprise Applications and Software, Network of Excellence), the I-ESA conferences have been recognized as a tool to lead and generate an extensive research and industrial impact in the field of interoperability for enterprise software and applications. I-ESA'2014 will be held in Albi, France by 24th-25st March, 2014 (Pre-conference) and 26nd-28rd March, 2014 (Conference): www.i-esa.org

Call for Workshop Papers: Future Internet Methods, Architectures and Services for Digital Business Innovation in Manufacturing, Health and Logistic

I-ESA is established as the major event addressing Enterprise Interoperability and the official conference of Virtual Laboratory for Enterprise Interoperability (INTEROP-VLab) with the sponsorship of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) and the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC).
The Workshop will take place in Albi (France) on 24th and 25th March 2014.
Accepted and presented papers will be published by ISTE Publications UK, www.iste.co.uk

Workshop Scope
The goal of the workshop “Future Internet Methods, Architectures and Services for Digital Business Innovation in Manufacturing, Health and Logistics ” is to study and analyse the Business Innovation potential for European Enterprises in the domains of Manufacturing, Health and Logistics, derived from the full adoption of the digital Methods, Architectures and Services developed in the frame of the programme FI/PPP.

 In particular, as the FI PPP Technology Foundation project is proposing a cloud-based reference architecture and a set of new software components called Generic Enablers, enterprises in the Use Case projects FITMAN, Fi-Star and FI-space urgently need to find common methods and tools for achieving compatibility and interoperability of the new FI PPP components with the existing architectures and systems.

The final common aim of the three use case projects is to reach a sustainable Business Innovation model in their three domains by the full adoption of such new Digital components, but the roadmap towards this common objective, where migration-compatibility-interoperability issues play a fundamental role, still needs to be discussed and agreed.
The following is a non-exhaustive list of topics that fit in the framework of the proposed workshop:

•    Enterprise Interoperability, including compatibility with existing systems
•    FI PPP Generic Enablers adoption, including careful analysis of license schemes and business models
•    Migration to Future Internet Architecture and Platforms, including how to shape the Cloud Journey in the three application domains of ICT for manufacturing, healthcare and logistics.
•     Evaluation of Technical & Business Performances, including definition of common methods, criteria and metrics for verification, validation and performance assessment
•     Innovation potential, including open innovation and analysis of ICT innovation models versus the typical innovation models of manufacturing, healthcare and logistics
•    FI-based Digital Business Innovation roadmap, including identification of challenges, development of innovation actions and their concatenation / collocation on a timeline
•    Collaboration Processes among the Phase II FI use case projects, including joint initiatives and workshops
•    Projection of the current Business Innovation models to the FI PPP Phase III, including role and task of the future ecosystem of Web Entrepreneurs and IT SMEs funded in the Phase III Open Calls.

Workshop Format
•    The duration of the session will be half day, with 6 speakers, specialists in Future Internet and  belonging to the domains of Manufacturing, Health and Logistics (two speakers by domain).
•    Speakers will identify the main challenges to achieve Business Innovation for the organisation in their domains by adopting FI PPP architectures and platforms and describe the methods and tools so far developed and used in their use case projects.  At the end of the session a round table will allow to establish a comparison between the Tools and the Methods presented and a common migration and interoperability roadmap sketched

Paper Submission
Papers must be in English, describe original work and must follow the HERMES eng-guidelines for authors. A package with formatting instructions for Workshop papers (max. length: 6 pages) and a MS Word template are available in the section “Paper submission” at www.i-esa.org. 

The Workshop Paper submission deadline is December 20th, 2013.

A peer-review process has been established to evaluate and assess the submitted papers to ensure high quality and complementary of contributions. Please submit your Workshop paper directly to the workshop chair.

Workshop Organisers
Sergio Gusmeroli, TXT e-Solutions spa, FITMAN project
Haluk Gökman, Arcelik AS,  FI SPACE project
Cristoph Thuemmler,  Edinburgh Napier University, FI STAR   project
Guy  Doumeingts , INTEROP-VLab, FITMAN project    

Key Dates
•    Workshop deadline for papers: December 20th, 2013•    Workshops Programme: January 31th, 2014
•    Workshops Venue: 24th - 25st March, 2014

Please, consider that at least one author per paper must register for the Workshops If none of the authors is registered, the paper will not be included in the workshop programme and in the proceedings.
Further Information about this Workshop: http://2014.i-esa.org/workshops.html

Enquiries to: info(at)interop-vlab(dot)eu