Monday 08. September 2014

FI-STAR at FI-Jump Conference in Porto

FI-STAR participated at the FI-WARE Jump Conference in Porto on September 5th. SOUL-FI organised the event and presented to an audience of more than 200 people (mainly including web developers and entrepreneurs) the FI-PPP...[more]

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Tuesday 16. September 2014

FI-STAR event 2014

16 September Munich, Germany[more]

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Monday 22. September 2014

ECFI2 Munich – The Techno Brunch – The Review

On what was a fabulous day in Munich, the Techno Brunch did not fail to deliver and was deemed to be a success, with some strong moderation by Science presenter Sarah Crudas and her panelists, Peter Fatelnig, Sajjad Khan,...[more]

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Wednesday 24. September 2014

ECFI Munich – The Conference and Exhibition – The Review


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Tuesday 30. September 2014

MEDSTAR Mobile Health Service gets ready for market

At ECFI Munich, FI-STAR’s Krakow use case presented MEDSTAR which allows hospital doctors to distantly monitor and interact with patients as they stay at home as part of their rehabilitation process.[more]

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Tuesday 30. September 2014

The FI-STAR Community Interview with Anna Kamenskaya, Healthcare Program Manager

The FI-STAR Community offers Healthcare Providers and Innovators a platform to communicate, exchange knowledge, showcase solutions, and solve challenges related to productivity and quality-of-care in the European healthcare...[more]

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