5th FOKUS FUSECO FORUM (FFF 2014) in Berlin, Germany, between 13-14 Nov 2014 .

This year’s conference headline focus was “Cloud-based ICT Platforms and Virtualized Networks for flexible Ecosystem enablement within Smart Cities”.  Fi-STAR Technical Director Project Leader and Adel Al-Hazmi of Fraunhofer FOKUS all contributed to this year’s Forum

On Day 1 FI-STAR Technical Director Dr Stefan Covaci gave the presentation: Delivering eHealth Services through FI-PPP Technology, and in a second session: The final phase of the FI-PPP, staus quo and quo vadis, of the International FI-PPP Workshop.

The sessions were very well attended and Dr Covaci’s presentation raised interest from the audience, in particular from the representatives of the German national programme “Smart Service World – Internet-based Services for the Economy”  (http://smartservicewelt.de) of the Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy (www.bmwi.de).

At the end of the Workshop, the panel discussion: Fi-PPP's exploitation, usage, commercialization and sustainablility,  was chaired by the FI-STAR Project Leader  Anastasius Gavras, from Eurescom.

On Day 2  Dr Covaci gave the presentation: M2M Enablement in Platform-centric eHealth Service Delivery: the FI-STAR Approach, and in Session 2: Innovative M2M/IOT applications and services.  In Workshop 3 he contributed to  “IoT / M2M Platform Convergence and Services for Smart Cities”. Dr Covaci  was also  invited to participate to the concluding panel discussion: M2M/IOT chanllenges and opportunities.

Workshop 3 was chaired by the FI-STAR member Adel Al-Hazmi of Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany.