FI-PPP phase 3 event in Berlin

On 22nd May 2013, the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology invited people to a workshop on the perspectives for Web-entrepreneurs and SMEs in the context of the 3rd Phase of the Future Internet PPP. The workshop was held at the premises of the ministry and was attended by a large number of participants from the targeted groups.

Dr. Tettenborn from the ministry opened the workshop and explained the strategy of the German government in the context of technology convergence in sectors like manufacturing, robotics, energy and ICT.

Florian Schreiner from the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS, presented the FI-PPP programme overview, focusing on the achievements of the 1st phase and the on-going work of the 2nd phase. Peter Fatelnig from the European Commission (EC) then presented the vision for the 3rd phase of the programme and elaborated on the new administrative and financial mechanisms to make the programme attractive for Web-entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Representatives from 3 FI-PPP projects of the 2nd phase (FINESCE, FI-CONTENT2 and FI-STAR) presented the opportunities in the context of their projects and elaborated on the opportunities for participation in the open calls of the projects and their long term strategies for engagement of Web-entrepreneurs and SMEs. The FI-STAR presentation was held by the Project Coordiantor Anastasius Gavras.

Some confusion arose between the opportunity to join running phase two projects, the opportunity to propose new FI-PPP phase 3 projects and the opportunities to join phase 3 projects when they have started and care must be taken in the future to distinguish between the opportunities if we are to successfully encourage new participants.

The audience engaged in an intensive discussion during the sessions as well as in the break, which proves that the FI-PPP is gaining momentum in view of the 3rd phase.