FI-STAR and PISCES sign memorandum of Collaboration

Vilnius 8th November -  ICT 2013

It took a while of serious talking, a number of telephone and skype conferences and the burning of some midnight oil to fuel our “digital” fantasies, but eventually it had to happen.

On 8th November Tasos Gavras Project Coordinator of FI-STAR and Andras Gábor Coordinator of PISCES project signed the long awaited Memorandum of Collaboration between FI-STAR, the FI-PPP e-Health project and it’s counterpart PISCES from the Eureka Celtic-plus Program.

The signing was considered entirely in style by the audience who has showed up in numbers for the FI-STAR networking session “Modular Medical Architectures” at ICT 2013 in Vilnius, although Tasos and Andras still had to grab a pen rather than to sign electronically.   FI-STAR and PISCES will collaborate on several areas of e-Health, in particular validation and dissemination.