FI-STAR at FI-Jump Conference in Porto

FI-STAR participated at the FI-WARE Jump Conference in Porto on September 5th. SOUL-FI organised the event and presented to an audience of more than 200 people (mainly including web developers and entrepreneurs) the FI-PPP programme and FIWARE technology.

The Startups Optimising Urban Life with Future Internet (SOUL-FI) is an accelerator of FI-WARE financed by the European Commission under the FP7. The SOUL-FI will boost SMEs and WEB entrepreneurs who want to develop innovative services and products supported by ‘FI-WARE Enablers’ and who want to take advantaged of the trends market of ‘open data’, ‘crowd-sourced data’ and ‘Internet of Things’.

The FI-WARE acceleration programs will publish their calls in September/October 2014. More than € 80 million in funding will be distributed by 16 accelerators, web entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs across Europe.