FI-STAR plenary meeting and project review in Edinburgh, UK

On the FiSTAR project plenary meeting in Edinburgh, UK, 18-20 Nov 2013, Hakan Coskun and Adel Al-Hezmi (both from Fraunhofer FOKUS) prepare the demonstration setup for the project review, where it was well received.

The demo presented the interaction among selected FI-WARE Generic Enablers (GEs) in the context of secure healthcare sensor data aquisition and processing. Three scenarios were defined, evaluating IoT and IDM GEs.

In the first, demonstrating a patient monitoring use case, the heart rate is monitored and shown locally on an Android smartphone. The latter also hosts a protocol adapter for forwarding the data to IoT Gateway, delivering the data according to their priority and status of the Connection Davice Interface (CDI). An IoT broker aggregates the data and forwards them to the Context Broker, which allows the web-based application to visualise them.

The second scenario initiates an emergency call according to certain thresholds. When the heart rate triggers the threshold, the IoT Gateway forwards the data to the IoT broker with a high priority, thus the application can initiate an emergency call session to the clinical services automatically.

The third scenario illustrates the FI-WARE Identity Management (IDM) and Access Control, allowing to define dedicated roles (such as doctors and patients) and allocate policies, e.g. who can access which data, accordingly.