First GÉANT Open Call Announced

€3.3 million European Commission funding Multi-Domain Network R&D activities

GÉANT the world-class, pan-European research and education (R&E) network, issued its first competitive Open Call for additional beneficiaries to carry out Multi-Domain Network Research and Development activities.
Enabling innovation
GÉANT Open Calls are structured around three key themes:

  • Theme 1: RTD users/use cases/projects to make use of existing GÉANT production and experimental network facilities.
  • Theme 2: Self-contained utility packages of work that can be used by the ongoing RTD work programmes in GN3plus.
  • Theme 3:  RTD to promote, develop and demonstrate Innovation in a Multi-Domain Research and Education Networking Environment.

Activities will be partly funded rather than fully funded, in alignment with the funding schema defined for research activities by the European Commission (up to 75% of direct costs).
Full details of how to submit a proposal can be found at:  The deadline for submissions is 29 May, 2013.   
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