International FI-PPP workshop at the FUSECO Forum, Berlin, 28 November 2013

More than 50 guests and speakers attended the international FI-PPP workshop which successfully presented a comprehensive overview of all running projects in the FI-PPP programme. FIRE and EIT-ICT Labs representatives discussed synergies and sustainability options and gave view on the next phase of the FI-PPP (FI-PPP phase3).
The workshop started with an introduction of the current FI-PPP status at the programme level and subsequent with the status of the FI-PPP core platform [FIWARE], FI-PPP’ s Usage Areas [FISTAR, FI-SPACE FI-CONTENT, FINESCE, FITMAN] as well as the status and achievements already reached of FI-PPP’s Infrastructure and Capacity Building projects [INFINITY, XIFI] were presented.
Several European FI-PPP nodes that are offering now and will continuously more and more offering FI-PPP’s Generic Enablers for application development and deployment gave interesting presentations. Live demonstrations were presented at the event and  capabilities of FI-PPP node deployments were shown [German FI-PPP Node] as well as Generic Enablers usage by the Usage Areas.
With representatives and presentations from the European Commission, FI-PPP’s programme-wide coordination action [CONCORD], Europe’s Future Internet Research and Experimentation initiative [FIRE], the European Institute of Innovation and Technology [EIT ICT Labs], several options for sustaining FI-PPP’s results and approaches for future exploitations were finally openly and lively discussed as well as synergies identified. Panel discussions about the upcoming FI-PPP phase 3 as well as best strategies for participation of SMEs concluded the workshop.
A highlight at the demonstration space at the FUSECO Forum was the first demonstration of an early trial project running over an infrastructure node of the program. In particular the FI-STAR project demonstrated a first simple application running over the XIFI node available in Berlin.

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