Several Opportunities to join the PPP on Future Internet (FI-PPP)

Several FI-PPP projects of phase II are currently having open calls for additional partners to carry out certain tasks with the respective projects. In total more than 6 million Euro are available for new beneficiaries.

In the project undefinedXIFI – eXperimental Infrastructures for the Future Internet the tasks pertain to the expansion of the infrastructure nodes of the FI-PPP capacity by the involvement of providers and operators of additional infrastructures at locations considering the requirements of the early trial projects of the FI-PPP.
Maximum budget available for new beneficiaries 2,170,000 €
Maximum funding request per proposal 200,000 €
Submission deadline: 27 November 2013
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In the project undefinedFI-STAR – Social and Technological Alignment Research the tasks envisaged by this competitive call pertain to the research and development of platform enhancements and applications for the health care sector, based on the future Internet technologies being delivered by the FI-STAR project and the functions provided by the FI-PPP Generic Enablers, including tasks for dissemination to a wider audience.
Maximum budget available for new beneficiaries 1,323,000 €
Maximum funding request per proposal 180,000€
Submission deadline: 20th November 2013
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The Project undefinedFINESCE – Future INtErnet Smart Utility ServiCEs invites businesses, entrepreneurs and SME’s to join our FINESCE innovation events and to benefit from the opportunities of the emerging Smart Energy Market. The objective of FINESCE is to transform energy infrastructures towards smart energy systems by trialling communications network enabled applications using common functionality provided by the FI-WARE project, developing novel service layer enhancements encapsulated in the FINESCE-API, and by enabling the development of innovation opportunities for ICT and utility actors, as well as in the community, providing new services.  The FINESCE project has reserved a portion of the project budget to fund specific tasks to be carried out in two call areas.
Maximum budget available for new beneficiaries € 1,288,600
Submission deadline: 13 November 2013
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The Project undefinedFI-CONTENT 2 – Content for the Future Internet aims at establishing the foundation of a European infrastructure for promoting and testing novel uses of audio-visual content on connected devices. The partners will develop and deploy advanced platforms for Social Connected TV, Mobile Smart City services, and Pervasive Games. To assess the approach and improve these platforms, user communities in 6 European locations will be activated for living lab and field trials. The objective of the open call is to recruit around five to ten new content usage driven partners to complement the three platforms that the FI-CONTENT 2 project is building, by creating new applications or providing missing technologies to extend the platforms' capabilities.
Maximum budget available for new beneficiaries; up to € 1,350,000
Submission deadline: 8 January 2014
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In the near future also the projects undefinedFITMAN – Future Internet Technologies for MANufacturing – and undefinedFISPACE – Future Internet Business Collaboration Networks in Agri-Food, Transport and Logistics will publish similar calls.