FI-STAR newsletters

FI-STAR publishes a periodic newsletter in PDF format that features current project results and activities. Please find below the already published newsletters. 

FI-STAR Community Team launch the first issue of their Newsletter

The newsletter was launched with some fantastic news, as the FI-STAR Community Team announced challenges on the platform were opening up for submission and we can now report the first set of challenges are now open with more to come.

Solutions can be submitted directly on the platform. For more information visit the FI-STAR Community website and you can download the first issue of the FI-STAR Community Team Newsletter right here FI-STAR Community Team Newsletter Issue 1

FI-STAR Newsletter Issue 2

FI-STAR Newsletter Issue 2FI-STAR Newsletter issue 2

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the FI-STAR newsletter! The FI-STAR use cases give a good representation of the medical domain and its diverse requirements. We are looking into the use of barcode and RFID in Munich to make surgical procedures safer for patients, clinicians and managers. We are trying to explore, how Generic Enablers can improve the remote management of diabetes in Northern Norway and how it could help to manage mental health conditions in Spain. We are exploring new ways of helping people to get better after heart attacks and cancer operations in Bucharest. In Leeds we are experimenting with the use of modular architectures to support the pharmacy supply chain management and introduce new features to prevent counterfeiting and help patients to understand their medication better.

All these use cases have one thing in common. They will be based on Generic Enablers, a new class of objects or software elements which will allow information technology infrastructures to be built more effectively and efficiently.

Professor Christoph Thuemmler, Professor for eHealth at Edinburgh Napier University and FI-STAR Medical Director

The FI-STAR newsletter issue 2 contents: 1st FI-STAR Competitive Call for 3additional project partners - F I-STAR launches YouTube Channel  - Campus Party Europe 2013 Special - FI-STAR External Dissemination Events - Phase Information Event - Brussels - ICT 2013, Vilnius - Create, Connect, Grow

FI-STAR Newsletter Issue 1

FI-STAR Newsletter issue 1FI-STAR Newsletter issue 1 - August 2013
Welcome to FI-STAR newsletter! This is the first issue of very exciting news on an extremely exciting project! Personally and from the point of view of my company’s strategy, I’m very proud of coordinating FI-STAR and very engaged in reaching the results we have proposed to achieve. We will implement an e-Health platform based on Future Internet technology, and deploy 7 early trials across Europe, serving more than 4 million people. Through the trials we will validate the FI-PPP core platform concept by using so called Generic Enablers (GEs) to build the framework and will introduce ultra-light interactive applications for user functionality. We will use the latest technology for community building and will proactively prepare for Phase 3 of the FI-PPP programme through targeted elicitation of new partners using open calls.
So, if you are an interested party keep following our news. We plan in September 2013 to issue an open call for additional partners to join FI-STAR and deliver additional functionality that enriches the framework in several dimensions.
By Anastasius Gavras, Eurescom -European Institute for Research and Strategic Studies in Telecommunications GmbH, FI-STAR  project co-ordinator

The FI-STAR newsletter issue 1 contents: FI-STAR Dissemination Team touches down in Munich, FI-STAR Law Partners submit mHealth and Diabetes paper,FI-STAR’s Software Engineer Samuel Fricker speaks at major Product Managment Festival, FI-STAR goes multilingual, FI-STAR External Dissemination Events