Use Case Italy

CUP 2000. Management of 75 Million Medical Documents in Italy
Using FI technology to upgrade the technology and using the FI-STAR platform to integrate data from different devices across several physical networks and domains with information on file.

CUP 2000 S.p.A is an industrial company, leader in Italy for electronic healthcare and Internet networks. In-house with the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Local partner Bodies and all the regional Health Authorities, the company operates in the fields of project design, research, development, experimentation and management of ICT services and products for e-Health and e-Care networks, produced for the Internet within the sectors of healthcare, socio-health assistance and social services.
Through the implementation of SOLE and other projects partnered by the Region and the Local Authorities, in the last few years CUP 2000 has offered an important contribution to the establishment of a regional e-Health architecture, which qualifies Emilia-Romagna as a leading region among Italian and European Internet healthcare providers. The objectives of this complex activity – implemented, above all, under the policy of the Emilia-Romagna Region – are “high communication” healthcare and welfare systems. e-Health and e-Care networks allow indeed a systematic and real-time data and information sharing, both between healthcare professionals (in primis, between general practitioners and specialist/hospital doctors), and between the healthcare system and the citizen.

Cup 2000 has been managing 75 Million medical documents with the SOLE project for the health authorities in Bologna and the Emilia Romagna region successfully since 2006. On behalf of the Emilia-Romagna Region and of the Health Authority of Bologna, CUP 2000 develops new healthcare networks to:

  • Allow general practitioners , specialists and healthcare professionals to share the assisted person’s healthcare and disease data in real-time;
  • Allow citizens to know and access healthcare data at anytime from anywhere;
  • Avoid losing the citizen’s unique clinical history;
  • Access healthcare services quickly and effectively;
  • Take charge of the citizen who cannot find availabilities suited to their needs at the CUP desks, securing a streamlining of the waiting lists (computerized waiting lists);
  • Be assisted online, not only within hospitals, but also at home through tele-care and telemedicine (e-Care networks)

The SOLE Network

SOLE (Sanità On LinE) is the network connecting all General Practitioners and Pediatricians with healthcare facilities within the Emilia Romagna Region. Thanks to SOLE it was possible to realize the citizen’s Electronic Health Record (Fascicolo Sanitario Elettronico, FSE).
All hospitals and clinics of Emilia Romagna, including accredited centers, are connected (or are going to be connected), to SOLE. Thanks to SOLE, electronic prescriptions can be sent from the doctor’s office, and guaranteed is the automatic return of specialist reports, letters of discharge from hospitals and emergency rooms reports to the medical records of the doctor. The doctor also receives notifications of changes in personal data, exemptions, hospitalizations and discharges. The network allows the integrated management of care continuity for people with chronic diseases like diabetes, and the simplification of administrative procedures and communication with departments of primary care.
SOLE supports professionals in the course of treatment of citizens in Emilia-Romagna, allowing the family doctor to be the reference point of his/her patients.
Under the consent of the citizen, SOLE aggregates the clinical documents produced within hospitals, providing the personal FSE to 4 million citizens of Emilia-Romagna. FSE respects the privacy regulations, and allows every citizen attended by the Region to access his/her medical records anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

FI-Technology. A boost for SOLE.

The Italien experimentation site aims to improve the intelligence, efficiency, sustainability and performance of already existing processes using novel FI technology. Given the extend of the engagement of CUP 2000 this use case clearly has high social or economic impact making use of advanced Future Internet capabilities as required in the call text. We will conduct experiments on a high level on mock documents to create an b version and test it in a b version with around 1.000-10.000 documents until introducing changes to the main setup. We are hoping to increase the effectiveness and efficiency by at least 20% in terms of access time and increase the capacity and user-friendliness of the existing infrastructure significantly.

Utilizing the FI-STAR platform to integrate data from different devices across several physical networks and domains with information on file.

The use case scenario has the objective of developing the SOLE infrastructure in its connection and integration channel towards different devices, and integrating the generated data with those already processed by the SOLE network, the eHealth network of Emilia Romagna.